Fun Sites

  1. Nick Games
  2. Pac Man
  3. Ms. Henry’s Math Games
  4. Funbrain
  5. National Geographic Kids
  6. Discovery Kids
  7. BGames
  8. Solitaire
  9. Puppies For Sale
  10. Cool Math Games
  11. NASA K-4
  12. NASA grades 5-8
  13. not doppler
  14. Steve Spangler (science)
  15. Bill Nye the Science Guy
  16. SI Kids
  17. Weekly Reader

5 responses to “Fun Sites

  1. NASA kids is a fun site
    Brain games

    my kids love these!!!

  2. My favorite is puppies for sale webiste. Check out the website link below. I think we’re going to get Madeline a Cockapoo puppy form this breeder. They’re pretty cute don’t you think?

  3. hey lanny is an awesome site you sould put it on your list

  4. lanny,
    first off i think that you are amazing because you went thorugh all thoses sergeres and you are still going stroge WOW i now that i could never do that
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey it was fun working with you today! Thanks for showing me your website. I’m be sure to show it to other students. Ms. Niewald!

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