Sorry folks, it’s just Lanny’s Mom here with an update. 

Wow!  A lot has changed since the last update when Lanny was 12…

…he’s now 17!  😱

And you know what they say:  no news is good news…

As you may or may not know, Lanny has been having some health issues lately. The symptoms have recently worsened, causing much discomfort and an interruption in his daily living. Always the optimist, Lanny said that there is one good thing about being so sick:  he’s missed almost three straight weeks of school!  😉

We checked into Children’s Hospital in St. Louis yesterday and stayed the night. After meeting with Lanny’s neurosurgeon first thing this morning, it was decided that a shunt revision would be done. So, it was done!  And he’s resting comfortably.  It will take some time to know if we can say for certain the shunt has been causing his symptoms. But this is definitely a positive step forward. 

Since this is his 24th surgery and his 9th shunt revision, he’s obviously a pro. But he still certainly appreciates all of your support and messages of encouragement. He wanted me to give you all an update and let you know he’s doing just fine, but that I was to keep my update SHORT

So, bye!

(And thanks so very much.)


Lanny’s Mom